By: Dominic Ellis

Preparing to Sell

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As a real estate professional I''am often asked by sellers if they should renovate the kitchen and bathrooms or replace the garage door before listing. Often the answer is no, but ensuring your home looks its best to potential buyers does not cost much and will go a long way to getting the best price in a short time frame. Here are some of my inexpensive suggestions I recommend to sellers for both inside and outside your home.
You get one chance to impress potential buyers, curb appeal sets the tone for the rest of their tour. Therefore I recommend starting with some basic landscaping:
· Trim the trees & bushes in front of windows so they enhance the house not hide it.
· Weed & mulch garden beds. Grass seed bare patches on lawn and cut dead branches from trees.
· Sweep and clean sidewalks and driveway to make them inviting.
· Ensure Front door is nicely painted or washed & caulked.
· Consider placing planters with welcoming plants and flowers the entry and a new door matt.
Inside the home, start with decluttering.  Clear off every surface - including the kitchen counters. Most homes will show far better and appear more spacious by removing half the furniture.
· Have a yard sale sell or donate anything you don't need.
· Make necessary repairs such as filling small holes, fixing door & cupboard hardware.
· Change cool lighting with warmer white light bulbs, consider also replacing dated light fixtures.
· Declutter, depersonalize and decorate every room and outdoor areas. Use neutral paint colors.
· Clear the clutter in closets, bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and pantry
· Deep clean the entire house. Ensure the house is free of cooking odours and smells.
· Ensure furnace air filter is replaced and sump pump as well as other mechanicals are in working condition.
· Replace or clean window treatments, allowing for maximum natural light.
· Define each room so buyers can clearly imagine themselves living in the home.
Once the decluttering is complete, an edit of furniture and arrangement of other items may be needed to define the purpose of the room.  When the home is ready for professional photos and showings, small touches like the addition of flowers in the dining room, and a fresh bowl of fruit in the kitchen contribute to a the appeal of your house. It is important you are not overwhelmed in this process. As a professional realtor I am here to help you. My expertise, knowledge and dedication will get your house sold for the best price, in the shortest time frame.
Dominic Ellis, Professional Realtor with Remax Four Seasons Realty Limited Brokerage, Collingwood, Ontario. Direct: 705 606 3070
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